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News Wednesday, January 13, 2021 Comments (0)

What are the Pros and Cons of Wiley X Transition Lenses?

If you are a regular eye wearer, a chance can occur to see the annoyance of eyeglasses in front of sunlight. Standard lenses or eyeglasses are too light that you may require to squint your eyes. But carry Wiley x transition sunglasses is a better choice rather than to hold prescription sunglasses. It is more inconvenient to hold prescription sunglasses and take them off in indoor settings. Transition lenses provide you the perfect choice because they become clear in a dark situation.

Besides, they perform as eyeglasses and sunglasses at a time with a single pair of specs.  Furthermore, they offer you ideal protection against blue rays but depend on the tint. All transition lenses offer 100% UV protection, but the amount of safety from blue rays varies. If you need to know more about these lenses, keep stick with this article, and you will learn more.

Wiley x transition lenses are known as photochromic lenses that become dark in the presence of sunlight. On the other hand, the lenses transfer into a clear shade when you come in the dark setting. The presence of lenses has become a decade or more than this. They provide you the convenience of sunglasses. Because you don’t need to see through dark shades when you are in the indoor settings.

Secondly, avoid switching constantly between two glasses according to a situation. It has a good sound because it has worth. Below here a little information about transition lenses because they will help you to make a good decision. 

What are Wiley X Transition Lenses?

Generally, a transition is the name of a brand, and photochromic is its generic name. It reacts faster in a high amount of intense light and UV rays. These lenses get darker shade as you walk outside. The tint varies from light to medium or dark according to your preferences. Most people ask the question, can photochromic lenses be a faster transition. Basically, the transition lenses are light reactive, and this is not a sure way to speed up the transition process. Transition is its brand name that manufactured different models according to best suite. But there are few kinds through which you can choose according to your preferences.

Advantages of Wiley X Epic with Transition Lenses:

The advantages of transition lenses are obvious, but all of them are not apparent. But there are major pros to get the best pair of transition lenses.


  • Photochromic lenses are cost-effective because you save money on an extra pair of glasses. You get two pairs of glasses like regular specs and sunglasses with one piece of eyewear.


  • They are more convenient because they save you to carry the bundle of two pairs of glasses. Besides, they save you from the irritating situation of switching. You can use them according to your different needs. They act as sunglasses in the bright sunlight and switch into clear in the indoor conditions.


  • You have a limited threat of losing eyeglasses. Carrying two pairs of specs mean you can misplace one pair of eyeglasses at any place.


  • Conveniently shield your eyes because transition lenses are more functional than sunglasses. They can filter out a good amount of the hazards ultraviolet rays emit from the sun. Wiley x transition glasses keep your eyes healthy and happy in any situation.


  • Photochromic lenses are available in different shades, styles, and tints according to taste and preferences. Don’t limit your fashion senses because they can encourage you to wear them in any situation.


Disadvantages of Wiley X Transition Sunglasses:

Well, there are some drawbacks to wearing transition lenses.


  • They are ineffective in automobiles because transition lenses react faster under UV rays. But due to windshield blockage, the transition lenses don’t dark in the car.


  • Different brands have a different level of darkness because they react at different times. So, consult with your eye care professional before going to a conclusion.


  • Transition lenses cannot be polarized, so they cannot remove harsh glare.


  • Photochromic lenses are affected by cold weather because they need intensifies UV rays to react.


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