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What Does BTS Stand For? | A Brief History

BTS has got worldwide popularity, and probably a person of the young generation doesn't know about this band. The Music band consists of a boy's band that is the frequent headline and has to break the record of the selling stadium. There are a lot of stories about fans of the BTS band that they wait in lines for many days so that they can speak to any one person on the team.

A couple of years ago, the BTS band exploded with breathtaking music. If you are inspiring this band, let's know about this band's little details that can be surprising for you. The BTS is referred to as Bangtan Boys or a name with the nickname B-T-S.

The band BTS stands for ‘Bangtan Sonyeondan,’ and it means ‘Bulletproof Boy Scouts. A member of this band J-Hope describes that the band BTS has deep meaning. For example, Bangtan translates as bullet resistant. Thus, it means resisting criticism, stereotypes, and expectations. It means a boy from his teenage has a dream of becoming like a bullet, maintaining values, and becoming the ideal of teenagers.

In 2017, this band redesigned its BTS logo with an extended meaning. So, BTS's new meaning shows youth are against custom and move ahead by ignoring settling.


What Is the Meaning of BTS?


Many people know the aberration of BTS means ‘Be there Soon’ or ‘Better Than Sex’. However, the BTS musical band feels more to lust and is entirely different from the previous meaning. BTS can use lust for food. In the Korean language, BTS stands for Brangtan Sonyeondan, which means bulletproof boy scouts specifically ‘to the Resistant to Bullets’.

In the Japanese language, BTS stands for Bodan Shonendan, and its translation is very close to the Korean language meaning. But this language extends the meaning of BTS and gives multiple definitions. In 2017, this band redefined its logo and meaning; thus, it stands beyond the scene. So, this musical brand considers a symbol of growth, endurance, and resilience.


What Do BTS Boys Say?


A member of J-Hope explains BTS's meaning and the primary intention of this group. Besides, he confirmed BTS is more than the superficial meaning of this band. He explains BTS as Bangtan, which signifies resistance to bullets. Thus, it shows that to move ahead without caring about criticism, expectations, and stereotypes, the primary purpose of the teenager is to become like bullets and want to become an ideal for today's teenagers.

When this musical band redesigns its meaning and logo with the ‘Beyond the Scenes’ for BTS. So, BTS youth is going ahead out of the realities that they are experiencing and moving ahead. Similarly, they also claim that the new name of BTS signifies the youth who move against the truths and don’t depress by norms and values. They refuse just because of society's unhappiness.

Journey of BTS

The BTS name is flourishing with time and adjusting new meanings in their band. When you listen to BTS band music, you can notice what values they are following. Their lyrics focus more on a social and personal explanation that you should hear.

BTS band preaches the theme of life for themselves, mental health, freedom, and beyond realities, particularly during school time. Besides, they also explain the concept of psychology and literature in their songs with a more fun style.

However, the BTS band coats their musical chart and wants to make a history of their own music and started with small like others. Their music journey brings resilience, positivity, and a lot of fans hear them because it is easily understandable.

Interesting Facts About the BTS Band

  • Rap monsters have to sweep floors.
  • While debuting on stage, Jin’s pants fell down
  • The CEO of BTS cannot show "V" for one year
  • Jungkook wanted to become a tattoo artist or owner of a restaurant
  • Jin beats up the boys who touch his favorite toys
  • Rap monster is the first member of BTS
  • Jimin physically hurt other members of BTS, but they let him go because of his cute looks.
  • J-Hope has a 27cm long face
  • V has a bad habit of biting his nail and always touching cute things that hurt him many times.
  • J-Hope is the mother of BTS. He gave birth to the band and still taking care of it.
  • The fans of BTS are A.R.M.Y.
  • V and Jungkook are close friends.
  • Rap monster ruins all things, and Suga fixes them.
  • Suga has nice legs, and many people compliment him on it
  • Some other names were considered for the group as ‘Big Kidz’ & ‘Young Nation’.
  • V does many weird things 
  • Jimin has abs, but he considers himself overweight
  • J-hope his childhood dream is to become a singer.

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