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News Friday, May 8, 2020 Comments (0)

What is the #1 Movie in 2020?

When it comes to the cinematic world, there are a lot of dimensions to consider. If you are a person who is more interested in watching movies, you would have a choice indeed. Sometimes people like Science Fiction Movies.

Sometimes they do like history. Some people are interested in horror and drama. It’s more like a personal choice. Interstellar lovers aren’t interested in Mad Max Fury. Game of Thrones lovers isn’t interested sometimes in The Friends.

Because each individual has a cinematic taste. This taste defines what sort of movies a person is going to watch. It defines what sort of movies the industry is focusing on. Both of these things are correlated with each other.

Both of these things are associated with each other. Each year, the cinematic world is going on a whole new level. Each year, it brings something greater than never before. 2020 has been the most credible year for the cinematic world.

A lot of movies have been released since the very beginning of 2020. Some of the movies were released in the last few days of 2019 but they emerged as the top-rated movies as in 2020. People are still watching these movies because they are extremely credible.

People are still watching these movies because they are very outstanding. Actors in spaceships, on the battlefields, in the line of duty, having fun at the beach in Safety Eyewear, accomplishing the greatness and whatnot; it all goes with the flow.

Based on the IMDB ranking, Academy Awards, and Business all over the globe, there are a few movies that are very credible. These movies are turning the tides in the cinematic world.

1.      1917.

When it comes to war movies, they are always filled with thrill as well as suspense. There is a fight that goes on throughout the movie. Bloodshed, killings, betrayals, sacrifices and whatnot. 1917 presents one such exposure in this film.

The storyline of this film goes back to the world war I when the allied forces were dealing with the germens. It has three specialties that make this movie very distinct. Though, this movie was released in the last few days of 2019.

But it has become a top-rated movie of 2020. It has done a great business that goes for more than $15 Million and it is still adding. The other amazing thing about this movie is that is produced as a One-Shot Movie.

It’s quite rare as well as quire tough to direct a War Movie in a Single Shot. It was honored with Academy Award as well as I February 2020 because of this very unique feature.

2.      Extraction

Extraction is one of the most anticipated movies from Netflix. It is going to be the most anticipated movie of Chris Harmsworth in his whole career. The storyline of this movie revolves around the extraction of a teenage boy from an Asian Country, Bangladesh.

That’s how the story begins. It goes on this way with a lot of adventure as well as a lot of fights. The whole operations get compromised and outplayed which puts all the cards into a wrong position. The movies are expected to bring an appealing gross this year.

It is being anticipated as one of the top-rated series of Netflix at the moment because of its overwhelming response from a huge audience.

3.      Onward.

Disney has always been giving a lot of amazement to the audience. It brings that not just provides fascination but it also provides a good and appealing exposure in the industry. Onward is one such exposure from the Disney World.

The movie presents a very unique as well as a very amazing storyline. The entire storyline is filled with thriller, adventure, drama and a good moral lesson. As far as the business is concerned, the movie has acquired a business in this regard that is very appealing as far as animated movies are concerned.

It brings a whole new level of animation that is a torchbearer for the animation world. It has been trending in the cinematic world on account of its amazing storyline as well as appealing animation. If you are a cinematic geek, these movies are worth watching in 2020.

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