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Fashion Tuesday, September 8, 2020 Comments (0)

Why Cheap Sunny Wear Can Hurt Your Vision?

Sunglasses have a great function in eye protection, and even an old pair will work the same. They are helpful when you are under a bright light. Dark lenses are not the guarantee to protect eyes from bright sunlight. When you buy the best sunglasses for women or men, don’t follow any designer brands. Features of sunglasses are more essentials than banded look. They should be able to block glare and UV rays. Therefore, you need a uniform lens tint and shape.


For example, polarized lenses are ideal for glare shielding. But dark lenses don’t provide ideal safety to your eyes from glare and harmful rays. So, due to these lenses, your eyes will suffer more damage than actual. Therefore, the best source of eye protection is to access the exact prescription from an eye care professional.

Are Prescription Sunglasses with Cheap Frames Right?

On bright sunny days, you take out sunglasses from your handbag. But if you don’t have sunny wear, you grab a cheap pair of shades from any local store. You buy them to keep yourself comfortable outside under sunlight. But what happened if you access cheap eyewear that has no proper functions. Protective eyewear is the only source that can wear them against UV exposure and glare as well.

You need more safety in the light than darkness. Certain wavelengths exposure is harmful to several parts of the eyes. They can lead to short or long term eye problems. Indeed, men's prescription sunglasses with cheap materials are not good to filter light that can damage the eyes. Even in the presence of a fine day, your eyes are on hurting target if you don’t wear glasses.

What Should You Look for Protective Eyewear?

You may look at the designer specs for eye protection. It is easy for you to think when you pay a high price without any reason. You pay much for sunglasses, but you can grab such protective tools at the same price. If you are searching for fashionable glasses, it is ok to go with this price. But sunglasses are the only accessory that shields eyes from the harmful wavelength of all lights. Below here is the list of the features that you must see when you buy sunny wear for you.

UV safety: UV radiations have two harmful rays like UVA and UVB; you have to shield your eyes from them. These rays are associated with skin cancer. They can hurt your eyes if too many rays entered into eyes. So, find such type of sunglasses that can block UV rays from 99-100% to enter into the eyes.

Continuous exposure of UV rays can lead to many diseases like;

  •          Macular degeneration
  •          Cataract
  •          Ocular melanoma

Cheap eyewear may have advertised that they will shield your eyes from UV rays, but they are specified for them. Spend much time in searching different types of sunny shades and what percentage can shield your eyes from them.

So, for this, you need proper information like;

High-quality lens eyewear you need, and they should have tinted lenses. Such kinds of glasses are for eliminating eyestrain.


Impact resistance eyewear is the requirement of certain jobs for eye safety. Sunglasses don’t have such features to withstand hazards situation.

Complete eye safety is essential for the covering of the entire eye area. You need to change old dated sunglasses shape and grab wraparound specs for super protection. Cheap eyewear is more tend to style than protection.

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