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Business Monday, March 16, 2020 Comments (0)

Why You Need to Teach Your Kids About Digital World

Every year we expect some significant changes in the digital world. These changes are not only facilitating our lives but also leaving some traces of destruction.

With the rapid merger of the digital and physical world, it’s essential to teach your child about the potential threats of the digital world along with the possible solutions.

In 2011, 72.8% of the population used the internet in the United States, among which the majority aged 15-17 years.  This figure exhibits the internet craze in the United States.

Moreover, the age limit mentioned above is quite young and unlimited internet access might expose your child to cyberbullying, scams, data theft, and radicalization.

There are more risks involved in the internet world, according to research conducted by the Fastest VPN USA, 14.8% of students in the USA got directly involved in cyberbullying others. It means that either your child could be a victim or an abuser.

There are two possible solutions to the problem. One is to keep parental control to restrict your child’s internet access and the other is to get connected with a high-quality VPN.  Both of the mentioned solutions will help you.

Fallouts That a Child Faces Through Internet Addiction

Since we are all grown up, therefore, we can better recognize the good and the bad. But, that’s not the case with a teen who is using the internet day and night.

A child may face through adverse fallout if he’s using the internet abnormally. Below, I am explaining some threats that you should be careful about if you have a child/teen at home:

1.      The danger for Digital Identity

There are lots of unseen scammers and hackers over public Wi-Fi. When your child excessively uses the internet, these hackers may read his data including, email, IP address, passwords, name, and age. Some users even save your kid’s pictures for fake profiles on social sites like Facebook. Therefore, I will suggest you to review your kid’s privacy settings on social platforms.

2.      Health Issues

Computers, laptops and mobile phones are smart and useful devices. But, their excessive usage causes serious threats to physical health. The blue light that comes from the screen is extremely dangerous for eyes. Protectors and limited usage are advised.

3.      Cyberbullying

Cyberbullying is common these days. If you’ve no idea what is it then let me explain it to you. Anything that refers to degrade someone through mean content like images, text, or anything is a form of cyberbullying.

It may lead your child to extreme frustration or stress. Ultimately, the behavior and confidence of the child will suffer.

4.      The threat to Banking Details


There are fake shopping websites on which several hackers and scammers are present online. These hackers are always on a lookout for your money. When your child uses your credit card on a fake website, these hackers may steal your data and eat away all your money.

5.      Sexual Abuse

Internet sexual abuse is the burning subject, and unfortunately, our society failed to take control over it. Every day, we hear news about sexual harassment, private photo leaks that mostly led to suicide. Therefore, I am suggesting parental control to restrict your kid’s access over the internet.

6.      Dangerous Apps

The apps market is exploding, and each day thousands of mobile apps released, among which some apps are useful, and some are dangerous. I am not talking about fun mobile gaming apps, but there’s much more in the digital world.

Dating apps may trap your teenagers. You never know who is talking or meeting your child on the other side of the app.

Similarly, some apps are designed with an addictive interface that drastically disturbs your child’s classroom performance.

Recently, a game emerged as the most dangerous one that promoted the online suicide challenge, and as a result of that, dozens of children had lost their lives.

How to Teach your Child about Demerits of the Digital World?

Since the digital world has a darker side, it doesn’t mean that you completely restrict your child’s access to the internet.

You first need to do a little homework to know things like what type of digital content your kids watch, whom they are talking online, and what websites they are accessing.

If you feel that their online activities are abnormal, then sit with them. Ask them different questions, play games and engage your kids.

Later, slowly start to put your points on the table regarding online threats. In this way, your child will at least listen to you and will understand things.  Don’t just directly have words on them.


How Parental Control and VPN are Helpful

Parental control is constructive because you cannot block all the corrupt websites over the internet. However, with the help of parental control software, you can limit the internet access for your child.

You may only add certain websites that your child will access. Try to add gaming and educational content for a better child’s productivity.

Also, if your child is spending too much time on the computer, you can set a limit with parental control. As soon as the child’s limit ends, the computer will automatically be shut down.

A VPN is also a very secure option to let your child browse the internet safely. It hides your IP address and assigns a new IP address through which hackers never find your real IP.

Moreover, a trusted VPN offers top security features like AES bit 256 encryption through which all your data travel safely on the servers, protected with end-to-end encryption.


Wrapping Up


The digital world is collaborating a lot in our daily tasks, and we can’t escape the fact. What we can do is to make our kids understand how to browse the internet safely. Plus, add some security tools like a VPN and parental control to make the online environment protected for the kids.


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