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Technology Friday, July 16, 2021 Comments (0)

Windows 11 Features & Updates 2021

Window 11 has a slide of new features with a fresh design like download option, use Android apps with window PC, start menu, updates for Microsoft Teams, and general look of the software, Best Hearts Card Games. These awesome features will make you more productive no matter you are on a tablet or laptop by wearing safety eyeglasses and in-office or at a comfy home.

Window 11 can give you a unique user experience with the blending of fresh hues and even icons. Although, you can see main changes in the start menu, a reworking of different apps, taskbar, widgets pan for reminders and news. It means it has great improvement with quick change.

The support of hardware security is now compulsory, but it was an optional part in window 10. It means Windows 11 by default has device encryption and secure boot to provide security against online attacks which are gradually increasing.


In terms of window 11, there is a new updating system for Android where you can such a system on a windows desktop. Besides, hopefully, Android apps would be more updated in the future with the addition of a number of other features.

Top features of window 11:

Although, Microsoft has declared a new operating system of window 11 with new features. Let’s break down all features of the new window one by one.

  •          Cost and launching date:

Window 11 is available with free updates for consumers of window 10 because they have a device that fulfills the need of this latest window. On the other hand, an exact releasing date is still not revealed, but hopefully, at the end of the year, it will be out of the screen. Therefore, for those consumers who want to take advantage of this cutting-edge technology, they can use the beta version.

  •          All needs for the system:

Running window 11 on your PC may require 1GHz or probably more than this, a processor, and cores. Besides, it needs RAM with more than 4GB, and it should have 64 GB storage. Moreover, your system may need a secure version like TPM 1.2 or perhaps sometimes more than this.

And most importantly, the sixth and seventh-generation Intel’s processors are not applicable for such the latest version. Because their system can accept new updates. Besides, those systems that are with the base of AMD, A, and FX-series cannot run this window.

  •          New updating features of window 11:

The basic focus of window 11 is its user interface, the latest windows store with speed-up performance. The operating system of this new feature is revamped. Probably, this is something that probably a user wanted to see in windows new generation. The start button and taskbar have new designs.

Besides, there are grid icons that users can reorder from the start menu. Apart from that, the window design has round corners with attractive widgets that have a lot of features like weather, calendar, and sports are mainboards.

Moreover, it has a new enhanced system Tray with a quick user interface and notifications. Therefore, with the embed of new features, window updates are more efficient and faster with the background installation. 

  •          Updates for Android apps:

First time in the history of Microsoft that it is introducing Android apps. And now the user will notice a new feature in the Microsoft store which is the Android app. And more interesting is that you can download this feature from Amazon Appstore. Besides, the company is going to launch some other things in window 11. And these included features are Disney ++, Zoom, TikTok, creative cloud, and some other by default apps like visual studio, Microsoft teams, paint, and note pad in the store of window 11.

  •          Gaming features:

Good news for the Pc gamers because there are some important changes in the operating system of window 11. It will support DirectX 12 because it provides extraordinary graphics with high-quality results. Supporting Auto HDR and means it is offering a wide variety of color pallets for an appealing visual experience.

Another cool feature is Direct Storage which will help in faster downloading when the assets of the game are loading directly from the graphic card rather than the CPU. Surprisingly, users can get by default Xbox app because through this app, a gaming user can get approach more than 100 super games with stream titles through clod gaming.

How to know your PC is friendly with window 11?

Checking your system whether it is eligible for window 11 or not for further upgradation. First of all, visit the website of Microsoft with the available wish list. Initially, Microsoft provides the facility to download the PC health check app from when they can identify their machine is applicable for new updates or not.

Therefore, several consumers reported that the new window is not providing enough detail about the machine that why it is not compatible. The company said that it is removing this app temporarily because of this issue. But this magic tool will come back before the release of window 11.

After returning this, the user will get the instructions step by step on how to check PC health. But there are a lot of other methods you can come to know about hardware compatibility for window 11 without any specific tool. So, if you shop for a new PC between the period of a general release, your system will have great eligibility for new upgradation.

How to practice the features of window 11?

  •          Android app:

This is one of the built-in features of window 11 naturally will be available in the Microsoft store. There are some unique changes that users were waiting for for many years. Although you approach Android apps on your PC with window 10 in some situations mean you need Samsung Galaxy. This is one of the latest features that every user can download Android app directly on their PC.

  •          Widgets:

Now widgets are adding to the interface of window 11 and they are in more customized form. Besides, through these slides, you can just glimpse your to-do list, calendar, recent photos, weather, and hot news. Although widgets have almost the same features that were in window 10 with few updates.

  •          Microsoft teams:

There is a platform of video chat in window 11 where the Microsoft team can directly message through the operating system. Undoubtedly, it is an amazing feature that has made an easy approach for regular use. Now you have a lot of options to connect with teams without having the assist platform like Mac, Android, and window as well.

  •          Desktop:

Now window 11 is enabling you to build individual desktops as you desire. Besides, there is a superb customization option with the help of wallpapers. Therefore, you can build your own desktop for yourself and for different activities like gaming, study, personal use, or anything with whatever activity you belong to. These features of a virtual desktop are the same as macOS.

  •          Snap layouts:

Grab safety eyeglasses because you are going to view another amazing feature that is snap layouts. It is suitable when you are engaged with several windows at a time, it will allow you to manage all windows in separate layouts on your PC screen. It will save you to arrange individually all windows and time saving as well. 


So, if you are unhappy with the worthless choice of the Microsoft store regarding the app, worry not because lot of other users have the same feelings. Window 11 is offering you a major change in store. Besides, it has a great alternative for the developers to develop traditional desktop apps which are vacant for safe downloading from the Microsoft store.

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